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In Ireland alone, an estimated 700,000 period products get used and chucked every day. They end up in landfills or get flushed down the toilet. When flushed down the loo, they block our drain systems and at worst, end up in our waterways and on our beaches. It costs millions of euros every year to clear blocked drains and sewer pipes.

Eileen Greene, Company director of Mooncup

Irish Examiner, Top tips to green your bathroom

Westport is a Think Before You Flush community for 2020/21

Lahinch is a Think Before You Flush community for 2020/21

Local accommodation businesses in Lahinch receive Think Before You Flush resources to help combat sewage related litter and wastewater system blockages.  The increase in staycations this year means many people will be flocking to popular destinations like Lahinch As...

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