What is the problem?

Everyday thousands of wet wipes, cotton buds, sanitary products and other unsuitable items are flushed down toilets in Ireland instead of being put in the bin. This causes costly blockages in our homes, businesses and wastewater systems, ultimately leading to sewer overflows in our communities and plastic pollution in rivers, on beaches and in the ocean.

What is Think Before You Flush?

Think Before You Flush is a public awareness campaign about the problems these items can cause in our marine environment and our wastewater systems if they are flushed. The campaign is operated by An Taisce’s Clean Coasts programme and is supported by Irish Water. The Think Before You Flush campaign invites you to join us in making small changes in your bathroom behaviour like never using the toilet to dispose of wet wipes and other sanitary products.

Why Think Before You Flush?

From Toilet to Coast