Think Before You Pour this Easter

This Easter, Clean Coasts and Uisce Éireann want to help you avoid the March Madness of overflowing plumbing by disposing of fats, oils and greases (FOGs), including dairy products the right way, putting them in the bin and not down the sink. According to a survey conducted in 2023, 26% of people were regularly pouring dairy products down the sink, compared to 35% in 2018. While this is a significant improvement, there’s still room for improvement in 2024! Check out our top tricks and tips to safely dispose of dairy products in our Christmas 2023 blog.

Wastewater blockages and our environment

When FOGs combine with wipes and other sanitary items that shouldnt be flushed down the toilet, blockages can form in our homes, businesses, public sewer network and wastewater treatment plants. These blockages can even lead to overflows of sewage that can damage the environment. Thousands of blockages are cleared from the Irish public wastewater network every month.

What to do with your FOGs instead?

  1. Collect used cooking fats, oil and greases into a suitable, heatproof container and allow this to solidify before emptying into the bin.
  2. Wipe and scrape plates and saucepans before washing.
  3. Use a strainer in your kitchen sink, and empty into the bin.

Think Before You Flush

Think Before You Pour is part of the Think Before You Flush campaign, it brings the campaign from the bathroom to the kitchen.  To learn more about the Think Before You Flush Campaign, head to our homepage below…