As restrictions are easing and more people are visiting our beaches Clean Coasts are reminding the public to ‘Think Before You Flush’ and to dispose of all wipes in the bin and not down the toilet. It is important to remember that our actions at home can help to keep our beaches clean. The Think Before You Flush campaign is operated by Clean Coasts in partnership with Irish Water. Our message is simple, only the 3 Ps – pee, poo and paper – should be flushed down the toilet. All other waste, such as wipes and kitchen roll, should go in the bin to avoid it becoming marine litter, or blockages in our home and wastewater network.

People are using more wipes than ever to keep hands and surfaces clean and to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. While it is critical that we follow the HSE guidance on hand-washing and coughing etiquette it is important that we dispose of tissues and wipes correctly.

Speaking about the appeal, Sinead Mc Coy, Clean Coasts said, “We understand everyone’s focus is to keep safe and healthy and that there is an increase in using wipes in the home However, there is a way people can help keep the marine environment clean also. By making sure wipes are put in the bin and not in the toilet, people can help keep our waters and coasts safe, clean and healthy too.”

Speaking about the appeal Tom Cuddy, Irish Water said, “Irish Water and our Local Authority partners clear hundreds of blockages every week and we are seeing an increase in the amount of wipes arriving at our treatment plants.  All wipes should be disposed of in the bin even wipes that are labelled as ‘flushable’. It is really important that the public help us to manage the network at this time by simply binning all wipes, gloves and masks and to only ever flush the 3 Ps (pee, poo and paper).”

To find out more about the Think Before You Flush campaign please visit the campaign website