World Toilet Day



Join us on Tuesday November 19th for World Toilet Day

While this day is not widely know it is celebrated annually to inspire action to tackle the global sanitation crisis and move towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 6, which promises sanitation for all by 2030. That’s not too far away so we need to get moving.

In Ireland people often giggle when we mentioned World Toilet Day, after all there is a toilet around every corner. However with great power comes great responsibility.  Since we have such great access to toilet facilities and don’t fear illnesses related with bad sanitation we must treat those toilets well.

Remember your toilet is not a bin and always Think Before You Flush

There are World Toilet Day events happening worldwide on November 19th. We will reveal our event on the morning of November 19th. Can you guess what it is?

Here are the main items people flushed in error

Did you know the toilet is a gateway to the sea?

The Nation’s Flushing Behaviour

What we have been up to…

Clean Coasts, Irish Water and the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) have collaborated for World Toilet Day to mark this special day and the launch of the fourth year of the Think Before You Flush campaign. Students from the National College of Art and Design worked on 4 the toilets as part of a “Design for Debate” project to bring the issues raised by the “Think Before You Flush” campaign to the public’s attention in a creative way. Each toilet highlights a different element of the campaign from the size and scale of the problem of flushing wipes down the toilet to the connection between our bathrooms and the environment.

Nature Starts In Our Homes

This toilet serves as a reminder to us all that nature starts in our homes. What we put down the toilet can impact the environment. You wouldn’t throw a wet wipe in a lake, a river or at the beach so don’t throw it down the toilet! We are all responsible for the waste we produce and where we put it, so make sure you …… #thinkb4uflush.

Every Little Bit Counts

Each ping pong ball represents one tonne of ragging (sanitary products, wet wipes etc.) removed from Ringsend Wastewater Treatment Plant. Roughly 720 tonnes of this waste is removed every year. This toilet stands as a reminder of the size and scale of this issue. Is it everybody’s responsibility to dispose of their waste correctly and to …… #thinkb4uflush.

Hidden in Plain Sight

The UV toilets brings to light the hidden realities of what people put down their toilets. When the UV light is off you see an ordinary family bathroom, but when the light is turned on the truth is exposed. This is a metaphor to the public’s attitude to what goes down the toilet. Out of sight, out of mind. By making the unseen visible we are challenging people to be more considerate of what they put down the toilet and remember to ……#thinkb4uflush.

Your Toilet Is Not A Bin

When items like wet wipes, cotton bud sticks, sanitary products and other inappropriate items are flushed down our toilets they can put a strain on wastewater infrastructure. These items cause more than 100 blockages in the sewer network every week. This toilet reminds people that only the 3 Ps should be flushed down the toilet. You wouldn’t use your bin as a toilet so why use your toilet as a bin? Always……#thinkb4uflush.

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