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We would love if your school could take part in the Wet Wipe Hype survey which will soon be available so that we can find out more about why people flush wet wipes down the toilet! Please stay tuned for details and in the meantime check out Meanscoil Mhuire’s project, Wet Wipe Hype and download the Dirty Dozen infographic for your school.

Be inspired by Galway City secondary school, Meanscoil Mhuire’s, Wet Wipe Hype Project

The aim of Wet Wipe Hype was to raise awareness about the problems associated with flushing wet wipes down our toilets. Their aim was to inform their school community and the wider public about the effect this has on our environment and thus reduce the number of wipes washed up on our beaches. Their interest in this topic was sparked by a former Transition Year class in their school who, during a beach clean-up two years ago, discovered a large number of wet wipes entangled in the sea weed on a beach near their school.

What did Meanscoil Mhuire do?

  • Completed a beach cleanup and removed 25 bags of wipes from Galway’s iconic Nimmos’s Pier beach.
  • Completed research in the school and discovered that 51% of their students regularly flushed wet wipes. 55% did not know the results of flushing wet wipes.
  • Completed a workshop with first years in their school during which we educated them on the effects of flushing wipes. A follow up research session revealed that 87% of students who attended their workshop who had previously flushed wipes have now agreed to stop flushing wipes.
  • They held a poster competition to create awareness about the problem for the first year students in the school.
  • Compiled a set of statistics to highlight the number of wet wipes which were washed up on their local beach. They sectioned off five areas along the sea weed line measuring one meter squared in area and discovered 60 wipes on average per square meter – that’s the equivalent to one standard pack of wipes.
  • Created awareness about the problem through social media using a twitter and Facebook page.

Quote from one student:

‘Before we started this project we didn’t realise that there was such a big problem with wet wipes on the beach until we visited the beach and we decided to do this project. It feels good to know we are helping the environment with all the information we’re spreading to our community. We are very happy as a Transition Year group for starting this project and all the progress that it has made in our community. Also we are shocked by all the new information that we have learned. The day we discovered the video of the fat burger was very funny. We had not realised that there was such a big problem in the UK’.

Quote from teacher:

‘Watching the students deliver the workshops was amazing – their enthusiasm was just infectious. They worked so hard to convince the students who had admitted frequently flushing wipes to change their behaviour. They were wonderful in their beach clean-up and never complained about the hard work. Although they did get a bit disheartened that the problem was so bad and at times felt that we would never get it all cleaned up.’

Here are videos on this topic

Download the infographics for your school