Home Owners

Join Think Before You Flush

Everyday thousands of wet wipes, cotton buds, sanitary products and other unsuitable items are flushed down toilets in Ireland instead of being put in the bin. This causes costly blockages in our homes, businesses and wastewater systems, ultimately leading to sewer overflows in our communities and plastic pollution in rivers, on beaches and in the ocean.

To help protect our homes and the environment, we want home owners to join us in creating awareness about the problem these items can cause if they are flushed down the toilet.

Here are some ways for you to get involved in the campaign:

  • Download some of our infographics listed below.
  • Display the Dirty Dozen infographic in your bathroom at home for family members and guests alike.
  • Distribute the resources below to your friends, family, and neighbours.
  • Get in touch with your ideas on how to raise awareness of Think Before You Flush at home or to request hard copies of resources.

Infographics List

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